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A New Chapter in Regulation?

CMF Evening Event
6 February 2018, 6 - 8.30 pm
Venue: Lewis Silkin, London EC4
Tickets: £10

Free to all CMF Supporters & patrons 

Ofcom will shortly issue consultative proposals on how it plans to apply regulation to ensure more children's and youth content gets commissioned at ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5.  Join audience advocates, industry representatives, the regulator and campaigners at this CMF event to discuss just how Ofcom should regulate to achieve the best outcomes ones for the UK kids' audience and the production sector.

Making the Internet Safe for UK Kids

The DDCMS has launched a consultation on its Green Paper on Internet Safety Strategy.

It considers how they can ensure Britain is the safest place in the world for children to be online. You can see the CMF response to the consultation here.

Informing the Kids' Content Industry 

The CMF sponsored and produced the policy-based Question Time session that opened the Children's Media Conference (CMC) on July 5th.

The discussion can viewed in full on the CMC website.

Regulating the BBC and PSBs

CMF has responded to the first of two major Ofcom consultations this year.

Ofcom now has responsibility for regulating the BBC and produced draft proposals for quotas for children's content amongst other regulatory requirements. CMF's response was sent on 17 July.

A further consultation is planned to scope out how Ofcom should operate its new powers to regulate the commercial public broadcasters (ITV, C4 and Channel 5) to carry and commission more children's content - as laid out in an amendment to the Digital Economy Bill which has now become law. CMF is staging a public event  in February to discuss this consultation. We are now awaiting Ofcom's launch of the consultative process.

CMF Board Member Professor Jeanette Steemers has produced a research report on regulation and funding support systems around the world. It's an excellent reference guide for comparison of the new proposals in the UK .

Children's Media Yearbook Launched

The 2017 edition of the children's Media Yearbook is available now.

Published by CMF, this fifth Yearbook is packed with articles on the way children watch, the latest trends in content, research outcomes, policy discussions and news of success and innovation in every field of children's media.

It's available to download (cost: £7.95), or in hard copy which delivers with in a few days (cost: £10 + p&p).

We are now actively seeking sponsors and contributors for the 2018 Yearbook.

Contestable Fund - What Next?

DCMS White PaperFollowing public consultation, the CMF contribution to which can be seen here, The Government intended to release their detailed proposals for The Public Service Contestable Fund earlier this year. But the General Election stalled that. We are assured by the DDCMS that they will be bringing forward the plans for the Fund in November 2017.  The CMF is campaigning to ensure all of the Fund's proposed £60m injection of public money for new public service content should be directed to serving the children's audience.

As a major contribution to the thinking behind the new Fund, the CMF supported Professor Jeanette Steemers in her research into funds in several other territories around the world.  A summary of her report is available here. Full report here.


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CMF's Research for Parents answers parents' concerns about their kids' media use, with an accessible explanation of the most respected current research.

"Children, and the media they use, are frequent topics of public concern and debate. The Children's Media Foundation will stimulate and participate in this debate - across the entire range of media that children experience."
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