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Staring into the Abyss - CMF Evening Event - 3 September 2015

Where Will Children’s TV be in 10 Years’ Time?
Westminster_Marylebone_CampusA debate on the future of public service broadcasting at a crucial time for children's media in the UK.
Sept 3, 2015,  6 - 8 p
University of Westminster, Marylebone Campus

(Baker Street Tube)
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CMF Supporters and Patrons - free entry

As opinions divide on the potential for a "contestable fund" as outlined in the Government Green Paper, and how this would affect the future funding and independence of the BBC, the Children’s Media Foundation, the Voice of the Listener and Viewer, and the University of Westminster have joined forces to host a debate at this critical time.  More info here...

CMF Public Service Broadcasting Campaign

CMF has reacted to the launch of the Government Green Paper on the Future of the BBC. This follows a strongly worded statement on the lack of consultation and transparency in the BBC Licence Fee settlement.

The CMF:

  • Supports the continued existence of the BBC licence fee at least at the current level.
  • Demands no further decrease in children’s budgets at the BBC (whatever the licence fee settlement).
  • Due to clear market failure, supports regulation of the commercial PSBs to carry children’s content. 
  • Calls for a contestable fund to incentivise this.
  • Asks Ofcom to explore all possible options for the re-introduction of quotas with funding.
  • Asks the government to act to achieve the above, legislating if necessary.

Anna Home discussed these proposals in the CMF-produced  'Gamechange' session at the Children's Media Conference on July 2nd.  Panellists included Ed Vaizey MP and Alice Webb, Director of BBC Children's.  Here's a full video of the event:

CMF Presence at the Children's Media Conference

CMC 2015 took place in Sheffield from the 1st to the 3rd of July. Children's Media Foundation supporters and patrons benefited from a special discounted registration rate - saving £95. 

The Children's Media Foundation produced the opening policy session "Gamechange" at CMC, inviting special guests Steve Hewlett, Ed Vaizey, Alice Webb and Claudio Pollack from Ofcom to join CMF Chair Anna Home to set the agenda for the conference and the year ahead.

The CMF also contributed to sessions on The Web We Want and the Future of Film for Children.

Children's Media Yearbook 2015

CMF2015 cover image for websiteThe new Children's Media Yearbook is packed with articles with every perspective on children's content. It's a great way to keep in touch with the latest thinking on the policy, research, business, creativity and audience perceptions of kids' content. You can buy a hard copy or download a pdf for instant access.


CMF has signed up as a supporter of the iRights campaign launched by Baroness Beeban Kidron.  Information on the campaign and the nature of the rights it aims to promote, in this video:

Research Services

Research Blog imageThe CMF Research Blog allows academics from a wide range of universities to post articles, reviews and comments on any subjects associated with children's media.Illustration by Evgenia Golubeva

Parent Portal answers parents' concerns about their kids' media use, from a research perspective.

"The CMF aims to be the focus for reasoned debate around the issues and it plans to produce evidence to dispel the wilder rumour and conjecture which so often feature in the press. We want to see children and media at the centre of public attention for all the right reasons."

Anna Home O.B.E. Chair CMF Board

"Children, and the media they use, are frequent topics of public concern and debate. The Children's Media Foundation will stimulate and participate in this debate - across the entire range of media that children experience."

Philip Pullman, Author and Founder Patron,

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