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Parent Portal Launch

MediaCMF’s new resource for parents and anyone concerned about children and their use of media is available now.

Parent Portal answers parents’ FAQs from a research perspective. It aims to equip parents, the press and policy-makers to take decisions from an informed point of view.

Next CMF Supported Event

Play School – 50 Years On

A celebratory reunion for everyone involved in the iconic and groundbreaking pre-school programme.

Venue: Riverside Studios, Crisp Road, Hammersmith, London
Date: 3rd May 2014 

If you worked on the programme, in font of or behind the camera (or in any other capacity) this is a great chance to meet old colleagues.

More information and tickets are herePlay school logos.


The Children’s Media Yearbook 2013 is available in print, for Kindle or to download

Yearbook Cover Image 2013 mediumPacked with articles on the creation, distribution, regulation and study of kids’ content on all platforms, the Yearbook is a snapshot of the issues, news and trends of the last twelve months, and a look at the year ahead.  It’s the must-have manual of the kids’ media scene.

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Children’s Media Foundation Aims 

Safeguarding the interests of children and parents

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  • For many children, film, television and games are their primary experience of narrative and a rich resource for imaginative development.
  • Children’s media-use is increasingly complex and multi-faceted. The CMF concerns itself with media on all platforms and of all types – linear, interactive, social, participatory – and for all ages from zero to sixteen.
  • The CMF believes that media made for children is a force for good – when it is well-funded, well-produced well-regulated and backed by relevant and rigorous research.
  • Children’s consumption of media has implications not only for them personally but for society as a whole.
  • Press comment, the public discourse, policy development and regulation should all take place in the context of considered research.
  • The CMF will support and disseminate research, to stimulate more informed public discussion around children and their uses of media, and help to build a media literate audience.

“The CMF aims to be the focus for reasoned debate around the issues and it plans to produce evidence to dispel the wilder rumour and conjecture which so often feature in the press. We want to see children and media at the centre of public attention for all the right reasons.”

Anna Home O.B.E. Chair CMF Board

“Children, and the media they use, are frequent topics of public concern and debate. The Children’s Media Foundation will stimulate and participate in this debate – across the entire range of media that children experience.”

Philip Pullman, Author and Founder Patron,

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