The Children’s Media Foundation


  • The CMF acts as the Secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group on Children's Media and the Arts, chaired by Baroness Benjamin of Beckenham, which informs debate amongst peers and MPs (launched June 2011)
  • The CMF partners in research
  • The CMF is the first point of contact for press and policy makers seeking informed opinion on children's media matters
  • The CMF responds to public consultations and lobbies on all issues related to children and their use of media in the UK.
  • The CMF campaigns (and supports campaigns) to increase public funding or regulatory quotas to stimulate UK-based orignation of content for children and young people - ensuring plurality of supply, and greater range and choice for the audience
  • The CMF supports the BBC in extending the quality and range of its children's services
  • The CMF stages public debates to bring together, parents, educators, academics, policy-makers and the children's media industry
  • The CMF supports media literacy amongst children, young people and parents - including providing research information for the public
  • The CMF regularly updates its supporters and produces an annual publication on the state of children's media provision and the key issues and news in the world of children's content
  • The CMF will support the children's media archive in the UK, and promote its history and legacy

Nigel Pickard"The CMF will empower the kids' media and entertainment industries to confidently make a difference in kids' lives. It will provide a strong perspective on serving the audience well, and act as a co-ordinated voice to build quality, responsibility, responsiveness and sustainability into everything we do". Nigel Pickard, CMF Board member