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CGMS – You Can’t Be What You Cant See.

 Kathy Loizou, Director of the Children’s Media Conference, made these observations at the Children’s Global Media Summit 2017 in Manchester CGMS Session: You can’t be what you cant see. Tuesday  5th December. Aaron Haroon Rashid created ‘Burka Avenger’. it’s one of the few animations or kids’ shows made in Pakistan. Also dubbed in Afghanistan India […]

CGMS – Forum Day 2

Greg Childs, Director of CMF, reports on the Forum (the open discussion event for all delegates) which closed proceedings Day 2 of the Children’s Global Media  Summit 2017, in Manchester. This second Forum was an interesting group Interesting group of delegates who had clearly;y spent time in various sessions.  Alice Webb, Director of BBC Children’s […]

CMF Ofcom Consultation Event – Change of Date – 24th January 2018

The CMF event which was to have taken place on 6th February to discuss Ofcom’s Review of Children’s Content will now take place on 24th January 2018. The evening event is being brought forward to fit into Ofcom’s consultation period, which closes at the end of January.  This will be a great chance to make your views known on the Ofcom plans […]

CMF Updates Events Policy

VR and Kids: CMF ‘On the Road’ in 2018

After the success of the VR strand at the Children’s Media Conference in July 2017, the Foundation welcomed Alison Norrington to the Exec Group of CMF to explore the research and understanding of the implications of  VR on children. As VR becomes ever more a consumer proposition, it’s becoming apparent that not enough is known about its safe use and […]

CMF Updates Events Research

Parenting for a Digital Future: 2017 Roundup

Researchers in the Department of Media and Communications at the London School of Economics and Political Science, and partners in other territories, are conducting a three-year research project: Preparing for a Digital Future. This blog rounds up their work throughout the past year.  As the year winds to a close we look back and we look forward. Back, to the posts […]


Internet Safety Strategy

The Government’s Internet Safety Strategy Consultation closed on Dec 7th and couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time, as all the concerns about the power of social media platforms emerged in the press and political circles, with everything from election rigging to online bullying coming under scrutiny as never before. CMF has been voicing concerns for […]

CMF Updates Policy

An Impression of The Children’s Global Media Summit 2017

Anna Home, Chair of the CMF, and previously Chair of the 1998 London World Summit, writes about the Children’s Global Media Summit held earlier this month. The Children’s Global Media Summit hosted by the BBC and chaired by Alice Webb was held in Manchester from 5th to 7th December. Manchester was looking particularly festive, with its […]


CGMS – Hope Works

Greg Childs, Director of CMF reports on the “Hope Works” session at the Children’s Global Media Summit 2017, in Manchester. “Hope Works” is a shared content global project invented informally at the CMC in 2016. Alison Stewart (CBeebies Production ) and Lucy Murphy (Sky Kids) explained: “Hope Works is about making sense of the world in difficult times.  […]

CGMS – Impressions of Africa

Greg Childs, Director of the Children’s Media Foundation, reports on sessions about Africa and media for children and young people at the Children’s Global Media Summit, 2107 in Manchester. Alex Okosi (Viacom Africa) – Keynote Alex made an impassioned plea for help with education in Africa. “Usefulness” is the focus on so much media for young people there..  […]

CGMS – Taking Stock

Greg Childs, Director of the Children’s Media Foundation, reports on the CMF-produced session at the Children’s Global Media Summit 2017 in Manchester. For this session we decide to go back to the reasons the Summit movement started in the first place, in 1995 and which resulted in the Children’s Television Charter. we also wanted to […]

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