The Children’s Media Foundation

Academic Advisory Board

The CMF Academic Advisory Board brings together the key experts in the various disciplines of academic research into children and media in the UK.

The Academic Board advises the CMF on policy, feeds research information into our publications and events, and informs our dealings with policy-makers, the press and parents, as part of our mission to improve the public discourse around children and media in the UK.

Board Members

Dr Cynthia Carter Cardiff University
Professor Sonia Livingstone London School of Economics
Professor Jackie Marsh University of Sheffield
Professor Lydia Plowman University of Edinburgh
Professor Jeanette Steemers King's College, London
Dr Ashley Woodfall Bournemouth University

David Kleeman SVP Global Trends, Dubit, has joined the Board as a link to the commercial research sector with an international perspective.

Board members will use the CMC as a central "clearing house" for research dissemination, comment and opinion, and this will stimulate discussion on the CMF Research Blog.