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The Children's Media Yearbook is a comprehensive review of the trends, issues and news around children's use of and attitudes to media.

The 2015 edition of the Children's Media Yearbook is available now as a download (£7.95) or Printed book (£10 + P&P).

The Yearbook features articles by the UK's leading academic researchers in the field of media literacy and children's media activity. It also presents the view from content makers and distributors, explores regulatory and policy issues and is the annual record of the key events in the children's media calendar.  #CMFYearbook

Contributors include:

  • Alice Webb (BBC)
  • Alison Preston )Ofcom)
  • Professor Jeanette Steemers (Univ. of Westminster)
  • Sachiko Kodaira (NHK Japan)
  • Phil Redmond
  • Joe Godwin (BBC)

Yearbook Editors: Dr Lynn Whitaker - Centre for Cultural Policy Research, University of Glasgow and Beth Hewitt, Programme Leader, MA in Children's Digital Media, University of Salford.

Also available:
The Children's Media Yearbook 2013
The Children's Media Yearbook 2014
in download, print and Kindle editions.

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