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Ofcom Consultation Deadline

CMF has responded to the Ofcom Review of Children's Content which will inform its thinking on the extent to which it should regulate ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 to carry or commission more children's programmes. This response was in part informed by the CMF event  held on 24 January to discuss these issues. The full response can be seen here.

Contestable Fund - for Children's Content

On 30th December 2017 the DDCMS announced that the proposed Contestable Fund for Public Service Content will focus on the children's audience.

This is a major success, following intense lobbying over several years  by the CMF - first, to create awareness in politicians that a fund was needed, and secondly, to ensure that the fund proposed early in 2017 should dedicate the whole of its £60m resources to the children's audience.

Woking hand in hand with the children's television tax incentive and potential new regulation by Ofcom to ensure the public service broadcasters carry more kids' content, this is a major step forward for children's media makers in the UK and will be of significant benefit to the children's audience - allowing British kids to hear their own voices and experience their own stories. The CMF response is here.

The DDCMS is now investigating in detail how the fund should be operated and firm proposals are expected in the early summer.  CMF will continue to work with them to ensure that the UK children's and youth audience get best benefit from the new funding on offer.

Making the Internet Safe for UK Kids

The DDCMS held a consultation on its Green Paper on Internet Safety Strategy.

It considered how they can ensure Britain is the safest place in the world for children to be online. You can see the CMF response to the consultation here.

Children's Media Yearbook

The 2017 edition of the children's Media Yearbook is available now.

Published by CMF, this fifth Yearbook is packed with articles on the way children watch, the latest trends in content, research outcomes, policy discussions and news of success and innovation in every field of children's media.

It's available to download (cost: £7.95), or in hard copy which delivers within a few days (cost: £10 + p&p).

We are now actively seeking sponsors and contributors for the 2018 Yearbook.


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CMF's Research for Parents answers parents' concerns about their kids' media use, with an accessible explanation of the most respected current research.

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