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The CMF has published a report on the future of public service media for young people. Explore the views of our thought-provoking contributors and join the debate.

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Patricia Hidalgo - a Sense of Mission

The Director of Children's and Education at The BBC on the purposes of public service content.

Patricia's Article

Campaign Articles

Professor Jeanette Steemers - Taking Children Seriously

CMF Board member - policy makers are failing to listen.

Jeanette's Article

Campaign Articles

Tom van Waveren - sustainable, affordable and independent

Former CEO of Cake Entertainment and Vice-Chair of European Animation on a future sustained by funding producers.

Tom's Article

Campaign Ariticles

Anne Longfield OBE - the child perspective

Former Children's Commissioner considers the changes in kids' media experiences.

Anne's Article

Campaign Articles

Greg Childs - What now? What next? What if...?

Director of the Children's Media Foundation draws together the Report themes and proposes possible futures.

Greg's Article

Campaign Articles

Show Me The Money

17th November 2021 - Free Online Event
 presents the first in our series of discussions on the future of public service content for children and young people. Focusing on the sources of and potential new ways of thinking about funding for public service content, this event will be a vital introduction to the financial challenges ahead and how a future funding plan could play out. More detail and registration on our event pages.

Kids, Covid and Content

20th October 2021 - Free Online Event
CMF and RTS London are once again collaborating on an event to explore how children's media producers, broadcasters and delivery platforms handled the Covid crisis, what they produced to respond to Lockdown and how that might affect our view of public service media. Gary Pope (Kids Industries) moderates, with speakers including Louise Bucknole (Viacom), Helen Foulkes (BBC) Maddie Moate and Greg Foote (YouTube) and Lucy Murphy (Sky) offering case studies from various perspectives. More detail and registration on our event pages.

Our Children's Future - CMF Public Service Report

The Children's Media Foundation has published a comprehensive, multi-authored report into the future of public service content for children and young people, in response to the failure of Ofcom and the DCMS to significantly address the younger audience when considering public service futures.

The report is free to download. Articles are also available separately on our special web pages.

Using the Report as the basis for our policy, CMF is taking an active part in the many consultations and Inquiries currently under way - including the ownership of Channel 4, future of the Young Audiences Content Fund, and the BBC and the licence fee.

Our aim is to ensure the voices of children and young people are heard, their perspectives taken into account, and that any proposed changes enhance their media choices rather than diminish them.

Links to the Consultations and Inquiries and our responses can be seen on our campaign pages.

Children's Media Yearbook

The Children's Media Yearbook 2021 is a digital-only publication available to download for just £10

It's packed with articles and research reflecting on the past year in children's media and the future of kids' and youth content.


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