The Children’s Media Foundation (CMF)

What we do…

Since launching in 2011, the CMF has....

  • Brought together academic researchers, the children's content industry, regulators,  and politicians to enhance their understanding of children's media issues and improve their capacity to work together to find beneficial solutions.
  • Campaigned (and supported campaigns) to improve the funding and regulation of children's content, and to prevent harmful material and influences from reaching children and young people.
  • Responded to public consultations and lobbied on all issues related to children and their use of media in the UK.
  • Created and acted as Secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group on Children's Media and the Arts, chaired by Baroness Benjamin of Beckenham, which informs debate amongst peers and MPs.
  • Supported research and brought together the key academics in children's media research into a powerful Academic Advisory Board.
  • Staged public debates and discussions to ensure the ethical and policy issues around children and media are discussed openly and rationally.
  • Supported media literacy amongst children, young people and parents, including providing advice and information for the public.
  • Published the Children's Media Yearbook - an annual journal on the state of children's media provision and the key issues and news in the world of kids' content.
  • Celebrated the rich heritage and creative skills of children's content makers.
  • Supported the children's media archive in the UK, and promoted its history and legacy.
  • Become the first point of contact for press and policy makers seeking informed opinion on children's media matters.

"The CMF aims to be the focus for reasoned debate around the issues and it plans to produce evidence to dispel the wilder rumour and conjecture which so often feature in the press. We want to see children and media at the centre of public attention for all the right reasons."
Anna Home O.B.E. Chair CMF Board