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The Children's Media Foundation set up the All Party Parliamentary Group on Children's Media and the Arts in June 2011. 

The APPG provides information about the fast moving world of children's media and cultural activity to members of both Houses. It is now jointly supported by the CMF and Action for Children's Arts.

The group is currently co-chaired by Baroness Benjamin of Beckenham (Lib Dem) and Julie Elliott MP (Labour - Sunderland Central), with Andrew Rosindell MP (Romford - Conservative), and Baroness McIntosh of Hudnall (Labour) serving as officers.

The APPG strives to uphold the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which states that every child has the right to enjoy and participate in cultural and artistic activities, be given news and information appropriately, and educated so that their personality, talents and abilities are developed to the full.

APPG Activity 2022-23

The AGM for the Children's Media and the Arts APPG took place on 22nd May 2023 with Baroness Benjamin in the chair. APPG AGM 2023 minutes.

APPG Meeting Report 27.2.23 "What's Happening in Kids' 2"
Full Minutes 27.2.23

APPG Meeting Report 25.1.23 “The Importance of Keeping Drama and Theatre for Children and Young People Alive”
Full minutes 25.1.23

APPG Meeting Report  1.12.2 "The Future Landscape of Children's Public Service Broadcasting"  
Full minutes 1.12.22     

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'Childhood lasts a lifetime' and what we deliver for children today will influence their lives forever. So the role of the creative industries is to deliver a lasting legacy, to inspire a generation of children by creating outstanding works provided by those who know how to fire up children's imaginations and creative abilities. This is a vital part of children's growing up and a preparation for their adult lives.

Baroness Benjamin of Beckenham OBE, OM Co-chair the All Party Parliamentary Group on Children's Media and the Arts

The Children’s Media Foundation (CMF)