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APPG 2011-12

Portcullis logoAPPG Headlines 2011-12

  • A report - “What Children are Really Doing Online” by Ian Douthwaite at Dubit Ltd was made available online to all parliamentarians.
  • The APPG newsletter was developed so that time-pressed members could be kept informed of news from the children’s arts and media world.
  • A meeting with UK Animation was held (14th March 2012) prior to the budget, gathering further support and momentum for the campaign and leading to the announcement of a tax break for animation in the 2012 budget.
  • Baroness Benjamin chaired the Westminster Media Forum session on Financing Children’s Media.
  • Baroness Benjamin chaired Westminster Education Forum on the next steps for cultural education.
  • The Bailey Review was revisited (12th June 2012) with its author, Reg Bailey in attendance, to see if it  has “put the brakes on the unthinking drift to greater sexualisation and commercialisation of children.”