The Children’s Media Foundation (CMF)

APPG 2012-13

Many of the members of the APPG have been involved in the various stages of the Children and Families Bill.  This has made it difficult for people to attend meetings.  Nevertheless, the APPG has remained active and successful.

  • A report – In-App Purchases in Children’s Online Games, was commissioned by the APPG and submitted to the Office of Fair Trading’s inquiry.  This led to the OFT consulting further with both the CMF and parliamentarians.
  • APPG members were kept informed of events and issues that otherwise fell below the political radar.  This led to inclusion of those issues in speeches by ministers and shadow ministers as well as MPs discovering and visiting children's media businesses within their constituencies and beginning to champion them.
  • A meeting to debate Children’s Performance Licensing Agreements was held on 19 June 2013.  The discussion included contributions from representatives from PACT, the major broadcasters, child psychologists and teachers and has led to an amendment to the Children’s And Families Bill (currently making its way through the parliamentary process).
  • A meeting was arranged on 26th November to screen Baroness Kidron’s feature-length documentary, InRealLife.  This hard-hitting film seeks to stimulate debate on the effects of the internet on young people, form a variety of perspectives.  With the Online Safety Bill moving through the House of Lords, a DVD copy was also sent to every Peer and MP who expressed interest.