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Age Appropriate Design Code – At Last!

This week the UK took an important step forward in protecting children in the digital world as it fully adopted the Children's Code. The Code, formerly known as the Age Appropriate Design Code, has been developed by the Information Commissioner in consultation with many interested groups, including the CMF.

The Code includes 15 principles and standards that must be adopted by any company working with British children's data - apps, platforms, websites. Importantly, the code applies to any digital service used by British children - so that also means sites designed for 'adults' that are used by young people, or platforms based overseas that are used by British kids.

The Code is also making waves in international digital circles as developers realise that to access the UK market they must comply, and regulators consider how the basic principles might be applied in their jurisdictions.

The CMF is really pleased to see these regulations finally adopted. It's been a long time in coming (we participated in the first consultation back in 2018). And we hope this is a sign that the Government will stand by its commitments to keep children safe in the digital world.

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