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CMF Executive Group member Greg Boardman describes the first steps in the creation of the campaign organisation mentioned briefly in CMF's September Newsletter.

The UK Children’s Media Plan: Securing and empowering British children’s content for the next generation

One of the best features of The Children's Media Conference is that it provides the kids' industry with opportunities to celebrate today’s successes while also looking at what the future may bring.

The signatories to this article, having recently been panelists in or producers of the CMC 2022 debate on the future of funding, came away with the clearest takeout that the British children’s screen industry, as we know it, is under existential threat. And that has substantial implications for creators, broadcasters and platforms, children and, ultimately, UK society.

We understand a number of the drivers behind this threat: the rise of on-demand and digital as a way that children consume media; globalised platform models; and pressure on Public Service Broadcasters - amongst others. But we - and politicians, parents, institutions and other stakeholders - do not understand how this will map out, what it means for the industry, children and social cohesion, and how to best position the UK to ensure a relevant voice for children going forward.

Because of this, we and others are launching The UK Children’s Media Plan with a single aim - to bring the industry and stakeholders together to research, model, develop strategic options and eventually deliver a sustainable children’s content ecology for the next 10-15 years. Without prejudging the issues, this may include measures such as tax credits and government funding, but may equally include regulation, co-operation, private investment and working with adjacent sectors such as education.

The UK Children's Media Plan will launch early in the New Year. Key stakeholders, as well as people with the skills we need to do this, are already part of the conversation and we hope you will join in too. More on this to come.

Greg Boardman Owner, Three Stones Media and Rastamouse Company

Oli Hyatt OBE Co-founder, Blue Zoo

Paul Naha-Biswas MD, Mediaator and Founder, Boclips

Kate O’Connor Executive Chair, Animation UK

Colin Ward Deputy Director, The Children's Media Foundation

Industry Policy Research

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