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Children’s Media Summit Progress

The latest news on the planned Summit for Children’s Media - promised by CMF in September - is that the initial consultative process is completed.  It was a unique coming-together of stakeholders with perspectives on the state of the industry and its relationship with the audience. After 9 hours of meetings brilliantly chaired by Emma Scott, the group - BBC, ITV, Channel 4 Channel 5 / Paramount, Sky, Pact, Animation UK, the UK Children’s Media Plan and CMF - reached consensus on the issues facing the industry. It particularly focused on the needs of the older children’s audience and what they are losing by falling to find public service content.  Read the Crisis of Childhood analysis.

This has already been shared with Ofcom as part of their Children’s Review process, with a request for new thinking on possible interventions which could be recommended to government.  It also informed the recent briefing document which galvanised the Labour front bench into questions in Parliament about what can be done to remedy the situation the industry faces.

The consultative group also discussed a range of potential solutions - everything from additional tax incentives, to funding from levies and other means, and new forms of regulation for prominence online. Opinions differ on what is viable and likely to be most effective - so these will be brought to the Summit for discussion in March ’24.

The Summit will welcome children's advocates to join industry representatives in calling for more support for, and new ways of thinking about how children find public service content.  It will - we hope - include the new platforms as well as broadcasters, producers, writers and everyone involved in creating and delivering content for kids. It’s aim will be to engage with politicians and policy makers on the range of solutions available to them - and to drive the formation of new policies which are future-facing, reflect the realities of young people's media lives and protect the industry which works so hard to create relevant and meaningful content for them.

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