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The Children's Media Foundation Archive Group is exploring a role for the new organisation in preserving and making available the extensive archive of UK children's film and television, held ivy various companies in various locations, some of which has not see the light of day in many years.  There is a fear that some titles might be lost, as companies are bought and sold, and certainly there are issues around clearing the rights in archive material making difficult to exploit or even make available for academic uses.

That's why it's particularly good news that our own archive, inherited for the Children's Film Foundation, is in safe hands and is coming to public notice again with a spectacular launch at the South Bank.

The CFF archive of "Saturday morning movies" made specifically for kids and featuring them in all the prominent roles is curated for the CMF by the BFI.  It is being released on DVD and there will be special screenings at the National f Film Theatre on the South Bank in July, and occasionally in the future as more titles are released.

This Observer article gives the full lowdown.

If you have views on the Children;s Media Foundation's role in archive preservation and access, please let us know


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The Children’s Media Foundation (CMF)