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In-App / In-Game Purchasing

Working with the regulators to improve consumer protection in apps and online...

The Children's Media Foundation has been working with the Office of Fair Trading on its investigation into in-app and in-game purchasing and the affect on kids.

CMF has organised two briefing meetings where industry representatives (producers of apps and games) and research specialists have met OFT officials for a detailed discussion on the implications of applying the existing Consumer Protection laws to apps and online purchasing.  They have been collaborative and productive.

We will make further contributions to mobile regulator PhonePay Plus's review of their Code of Practice on bill capping, complaints procedures etc.

The OFT has published a report summarising its findings from the investigation and proposing industry-wide Principles which they will use as their "rules"  from early next year.  It's inviting comment on those Principles in a public consultation. We'd encourage interested producers and parents with experience of the issues to contribute to this by the 21st November deadline.

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