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Founder of Voice of the Listener and Viewer, Jocelyn Hay C.B.E.

The CMF is greatly saddened to hear of the death of Jocelyn Hay who was a great supporter of children’s media, amongst her many causes. She was a campaigner for over 30 years, and was passionate about safe-guarding the quality, diversity and integrity of broadcasting.

Whilst working as a freelance broadcaster and writer, Mrs Hay first campaigned against Radio 4 being turned into an all news and current affairs network. After her campaign’s success, she founded the Voice of the Listener and Viewer, in 1983, and was its Chair until recently. She worked tirelessly on a range of broadcasting issues, including a special focus on children’s media at the annual Voice of the Listener and Viewer Children’s Conference.

Having founded the VLV, Jocelyn then set about building it into the UK’s main consumer voice on public service broadcasting and quality and diversity in radio and television programming. She was appointed a CBE in 2005 for her work at the VLV. Jocelyn received various awards throughout her life, including the Elizabeth R Award for an Exceptional Contribution to Public Service Broadcasting by the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association in 1999 and the European Women of Achievement Award (Humanitarian category) by the European Union of Women, British section, in 2007.

Jocelyn’s support for the Save Kids’ TV campaign was instrumental in it gaining the traction it needed amongst regulators and policy makers, and she welcomed the arrival of the Children’s Media Foundation to take up the original concerns.  She remains an inspiration to many.

CMF Chair, Anna Home knew Jocelyn well:

"Jocelyn Hay was a fiercely determined fighter for the cause of quality UK media, and a great supporter of the interests of the children's audience. She was also a very warm and charming woman who will be greatly missed."

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