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Give kids a Break!

The CMF supported the successful campaign for the government to give tax breaks to British animation productions, and, we’re pleased to say that one year on from the introduction of the new rules, there’s definite evidence of the UK animation industry taking on a new lease of life! Now a new campaign is targeting children’s live-action productions for a tax incentive scheme.

CMF Director Greg Childs tells us more...

It’s the new Pact (Producers’ Association) campaign for the hugely successful animation tax breaks to be extended to live action children’s programmes. Pact is launching the campaign at a session at the Children’s Media Conference on 3rd July, and CMF is already in support. We’ve looked at how a tax break might stimulate the industry to commission and produce more drama and factual content for kids in the UK - and on the whole the Pact proposals will provide a well-deserved stimulus to create more range and quality on kids’ TV. It may result in more international co-production, but (as with the animation tax break) it will place Britain much more “in the lead” on these projects. It will lower the cost of producing children’s content in general, helping our invaluable industry keep afloat in difficult times and encouraging broadcasters to use more original, locally-produced content on their channels.

Watch this space for news of the live action tax-break campaign progress over the coming months - and get along to the session at CMC if you can. Remember CMC tickets are discounted for Children’s Media Foundation supporters and patrons.

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