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The Children’s Media Conference gathered over 1,000 industry professionals, academics, researchers and executives in Sheffield for three days of shared learning, collaboration and debate. 

Many people think that the Children's Media Conference (CMC) and the Children's Media Foundation (CMF) are the same organisation.  It's not in fact the case - they are completely separate.  The Conference's role is to serve the industry and the Foundation looks after the interests of the audience.But with so many industry practitioners, executives and researchers gathered in one place, the policy sessions at CMC are of major interest to CMF, and we contributed to several of them.

Charter Renewal: the Great British Sell-off?
A CMF sponsored debate on the future of the BBC (pictured).
Children’s Film: Forever Forgotten?
Producers fed into the BFI’s investigation into the future of children’s film provision in the UK.
Out of the Mouths of Babes: Free Expression, Children and 21stCentury Media
The Battle of Ideas debate on the responsibilities of service providers to acknowledge children in their audience. CMF Exec member Marc Goodchild spoke.
Pact: Give Kids a Break
Pact launched their campaign for a tax incentive for producers of live-action children’s content.  CMF Supporter, Genevieve Dexter, and Founder Patron, Oli Hyatt, contributed to this session.
There were also nine fascinating research reports, with several members of the CMF Research Advisory group feeding in.
The list indicates the breadth of interest the Foundation is taking in reshaping the kids’ media landscape in the UK.

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The Children’s Media Foundation (CMF)