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Children’s Media Yearbook Launched

Contributors, supporters, patrons and members of the CMF Executive group and Board all turned up to wet the baby’s head as the Children’s Media Yearbook #2 was launched at the Children’s Media Conference in Sheffield. Macintosh HD:Users:greg:Downloads:14684449421_6d22480586_k.jpg

Yearbook Editor Dr Lynn Whitaker thanked the wide range of people and organisations who had contributed articles on strategy and research, and especially those authors of “opinion pieces” which provide a snapshot of the way kids’ media is in the UK today.

It’s the must-have read and reference, and you canbuy a hard copy for £10 + p&p or download a PDFfor just £7.95.  Better still sign up as a patron and get the hard copy, or as a supporter to get the PDF - free of charge - as part of your benefit package.

Sales of the Yearbook at CMC were brisk – and we have to send a big thank you to the two brilliant volunteers who helped Lynn get the two editions of the book into so many kids’ media practitioners hands!

Greg Childs, Director of the CMF, said at the launch:

This second edition of the Yearbook really brings home how far the CMF has come in such a short time. It’s already an active and connected organisation; running an All Party Group; giving evidence to select committees; allying with PACT on the live action tax incentive; badgering the BBC to give deeper thought to its relationship to kids; launching the Academic Research Blog and Parent Portal.  Our activities are beginning to have effect, our opinions are being heard, and our reputation is growing.

Now we need everyone with an interest in children’s media to line up behind us. Buy the Yearbook, or better still sign up as a supporter or patron, or sign up your company.  It’s our main source of revenue and we need help to keep these activities going, and growing. It‘s simple to show your support – just go to and click to make a difference for kids and their media future.

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