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Máire Messenger Davies, CMF Board Member and Professor of Media Studies at the University of Ulster needs your opinions…Maire writes:

'I'm doing some research on producers' and others' predictions of the future of children's television.

In 1997 I was the co-author of a report for the Broadcasting Standards Commission on ‘The Provision of Children's Television'.  In that study we asked a number of children’s producers and broadcasting regulators to predict what would be provided on television for children at 4.30 pm, five years on. Some of the predictions made then were accurate ('everything will be digital'), some less so ('there won't be any').

I've interviewed producers and others concerned with children and media many times over the years since then. Now I’m keen to find out what the current generation thinks.

I'm particularly interested in two questions:
a.) Which children's genre(s) do you think is in danger of disappearing?
b.) What will children's provision look like in 5 years time?

I need a quick response – by Friday 12th please.  Just send your two comments in an email to:

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