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CMF Research Round Up – Sept 2014

The Academic Research Blog is a unique CMF initiative to give all researchers interested in kids and media a single space in which to discuss, dissect and debate. 

Claudio Franco, co-editor of the Blog, profiles an August highlight, which peaked some interest in the Twittersphere...

In August Natalia Kucirkova, posted her second contribution to the Blog - this time focusing on reading techniques taught to children and the impact of new technology.

Many people feel that reading fast is the only way to keep up with the large volumes of text they encounter on a daily basis. For some people, to read fast is to follow in the footsteps of their favourite super heroes – the latest of which is played by Scarlett Johannsson in her new film Lucy…

Natalia looks at the growing popularity of speed-reading, its relationship with current and developing technologies for screen readers, and how this is polarised from the typical reading taught in schools.

…What we need instead is a considered dialogue concerning how to provide children with a ‘varied and balanced reading diet’…

Natalia works for the Open University and the Booktrust. Her research is concerned with ways of supporting shared book reading, children’s trans-media experiences and identity growth. Her full post is available on the CMF’s research blog. See Children’s reading heroes of today.

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