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November’s Research Round-up

Deepest Peru and marmalade? 'Paddington' features in November's research posts...

Hannie Kirkham, Newsletter Editor, with a taster of this month's top post...
After Paddington's controversial route to release, much has been printed about children's or family films and the level of 'adult humour' in them. Becky Parry, author of 'Children, Film and Literacy', discusses in the CMF Research Blog 'appropriateness', classification, and how they sit with current concepts of childhood.  It's a timely intervention in view of the plan to discuss just how far children's screen-stories should go, in our next evening event.
Becky writes:
In response to some of the rather disparaging and hypocritical discussions of ‘Paddington’ and children’s media more broadly, I created this response. It would be interesting to know what others think. I did break my golden rule of commenting about a film before I had seen it but I was provoked – not least by long-standing affection for the 1970s TV animation.- oh the joy of marmalade, chaos causing bears and inventive animation – what more could we ask for...?
See the article: Children's Film or rather 'Paddington' hits the Headlines

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