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Next CMF Evening Event – 22nd January

Storytelling - Can we be More Adventurous?

Jocelyn Stevenson, producing the event for CMF, describes what the discussion will cover...

Venue: Lewis Silkin Llp, London EC4A 1BL
Date: 22nd January, 6.15 - 8.30

Eventbrite - CMF Event: Storytelling - Can we be More Adventurous?

There are many influences on storytelling, from those that have to do with the craft - such as who the audience is and which medium or platform is being used to tell the tale - to those that have to do with commercial realities.Do pressures that have nothing to do with telling a story put a stranglehold on our storytelling? Financing, commissioning, "received wisdom," safety concerns - and other factors beyond the writer's control?Does second-guessing what will or won't work commercially limit our ability to do something different, to break through - to tell stories that are uniquely ours?

How can we use the changing media landscape to take more risks with our stories?  And in doing so, how can we cater for a more diverse audience?

Arrival:  6:15pm
Session starts: 6:30pm
Drinks: 8:00pm
Close: 8:30pm

A full speaker list will follow soon.
With thanks to Lewis Silkin Llp for providing the venue.

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