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Glitterball – 13th December

Children's Film Foundation Sci-fi Classic Returns

Venue: NFT 2- in the BFI 'Days of Fear and Wonder' Sci Fi Season
Date: 13th December, 1.30 pm


'Glitterball' is one of the most popular and enduring of the Children's Film Foundation collection of films. Directed in 1977 by Harley Cokeliss, who'll introduce the film at this screening, it's thought to be a pre-cursor of ET, with its story of an alien separated from its own people. The leading actors will also be present, as will Brian Johnson, the creator of the space effects, who also worked on '2001' and 'Star Wars'.Harley Cokeliss writes about filming 'Glitterball' on the BFI website.

The CMF inherited the Children's Film Foundation archive which the BFI now stores and curates.  DVD's of collections of the films which span the years from the early 50's to the late 70's are available and the Scif Fi collection can be found here.

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The Children’s Media Foundation (CMF)