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New year – new yearbook!

Yes, it’s that time again. We’re looking for contributions!

Lynn Whitaker, Yearbook Editor, explains how to get involved…

We are gearing up for the next issue of The Children’s Media Yearbook. 2015 will be our third year of publishing and we’re really delighted that Helen McAleer of Walker Books has joined the CMF Executive Group to further develop the profile and reach of the Yearbook.

I worked on the inaugural yearbook in 2013 and am pleased to say I’m still at the helm as independent editor, aided this year by Beth Hewitt (University of Salford), and we are actively looking for contributions from stakeholders in children's media across all platforms.

Articles range from 1000-3000 words and we're particularly interested in getting a deeper insight into the nitty gritty issues for parents, producers, policy makers and researchers alike. New voices and perspectives are very welcome. And of course as a full colour publication we also need illustrations.  As a not for profit endeavour we can't offer any fee for articles or illustrations but we know that our contributors find it a very worthwhile and rewarding experience to be part of this unique piece of children’s media history each year..

So don't be shy - get in touch with your ideas!

The previous Children’s Media Yearbooks 2013 & 14 are still available to purchase from the CMF website.

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The Children’s Media Foundation (CMF)