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Esther Fox Arrives as new CMF Fundraiser

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Esther writes about her role and a recent story of support.

I’m delighted to take on the fundraising baton from previous fundraiser Rachel Krish. Rachel has done a fantastic job in establishing a corporate sponsor and supporters programme for CMF.  This has begun to pay dividends, and I will be continuing to grow this support as well as seeking new avenues with Trusts and Foundations.  Without sustained fundraising success the CMF would not be able to continue as the leading voice representing children’s interests in TV and digital media.  Therefore this support continues to remain crucial.

This month we had the wonderful news that the Ragdoll Foundation will be supporting the work of CMF through an award of £3,000.  The Ragdoll Foundation is dedicated to developing the power of imaginative responses in children through the arts.  It springs from the same philosophical roots as Ragdoll Productions - and this was their comment on the award.
“The Ragdoll Foundation is pleased to give their support to the Children’s Media Foundation and its continuing work on behalf children’s television and production across the UK. In particular, to extend the CMF parental information service, and on the campaign to increase funding for children’s content in the UK.  The CMF provides a vital service and without their campaigning, research and activities, children and young 
Ragdoll Foundation Trustees - May 2015.

This is a fantastic endorsement for the work that CMF does.  During my first month it has become absolutely clear to me that it's a one-of-a-kind and the only organisation that ensures the interests of children are listened to at policy level when it comes to media.  Currently CMF is entirely reliant on funding derived through patrons, members and corporate sponsorship.  Although in the last six months we have significantly improved our levels of support, we are at a point of transition where we need to attract further donations to continue to build sustainability for the organisation. So if you know people who are equally passionate about ensuring more original, high quality, content is developed for kids in the UK, as well as wanting children’s voices heard at policy level, please encourage them to get in touch.

We have a range of options available for support and many include great benefits, such as free or reduced entry to events and conferences and a free copy of the Children’s Media Yearbook.

Contact Esther to discuss supporting CMF.

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