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Online Rights and the Future of Film

Amy Mather

The Children’s Media Foundation was instrumental in setting up another session at CMC on the rights of children and the responsibilities of platform providers online. ‘The Web We Want” (the name of internet founder Tim Berners-Lee’s new initiative) is part of a campaign by CMF to survey how the kids' media industry views its responsibilities, and how to achieve best practice, while also keeping up the pressure on the big platform owners to come up with solutions which allow kids maximum benefit online, with optimum personal security. The session benefited from the forthright opinions of Amy Mather (@minigirlgeek), a tech and social-media savvy 16-year old who has been making and coding for three years and has shared platforms with Tim Berners-Lee and Martha Lane-Fox.

Children's and family film in the UK was another topic at CMC. In an update on a session from 2014, a film distributor, an independent film maker and a producer discussed recent cases, with some evidence of BFI development funding finding its way to children's projects, and some BFI financing in family films such as ‘Paddington’. However, there was general consensus that still not enough is being done and more commitment to the children's genre is needed.

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The Children’s Media Foundation (CMF)