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Children’s Laureate Passes the Baton

Malorie Blackman has just stood down after her two-year tenure of the Children's Laureate role.

Handing over to her successor, cartoonist and illustrator, Chris Riddell, Malorie explained the Laureate's work to the ALCS Newsletter.

"The Children’s Laureate serves as a focus and a mouthpiece for the children’s book world and for encouraging children and teens to read. It raises the profile of the whole industry. With each Children’s Laureate the media has paid more attention, and this means that the next Laureate will have even more opportunities."

A popular and provocative speaker at the 2014 Children's Media Conference, Malorie has interests which stretch well beyond the world of books.  Her own Young Adult Literature Convention was cunningly placed inside the London Film and Comic Con last July and it shows her commitment to kids' and youth culture across all media platforms.  You can read her interview in full on the ALCS website - or watch the full video of her entertaining contribution to last summer's CMC in her Crucible Theatre Creative Keynote.

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