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Maggie Philbin Joins CMF

Broadcaster and Kids' Tech-Campaigner Maggie Philbin is the latest recruit to the Children's Media Foundation Board

Having spent her broadcasting career reporting and presenting on technical stories (on 'Tomorrow's World' and 'Bang Goes the Theory') and more recently taking the lead in connecting UK kids to coding with her TeenTech initiative, Maggie Philbin revisited her broadcasting roots when she penned the closing comments for this year's Children's Media Yearbook:

"My first job in television was described in the box-number advert as ‘the chance of a lifetime’, which it certainly proved to be. Not just because it offered a student from Manchester the most extraordinary break as a presenter on Swap Shop, but because it also gave me the opportunity to learn from the inspiring Editor, Rosemary Gill, whose commitment to producing first class television for young people was absolute.

The Children’s Media Yearbook is testament to the continuing dedication of people who work in the kids’ media industry, and those who study, advise and regulate it, to provide the best possible content, because that is what this audience deserves. That content comes in many forms on many different devices, and at the same time children are more and more engaged in developing their own skills to create and participate, as well as receive. Contemporary media has so many opportunities to change the lives of young people. I look forward to fighting their corner."

Now Maggie joins the Board of CMF to bring us her particular focus on kids and technology and the passion and care she's applied throughout her broadcast and further career.

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The Children’s Media Foundation (CMF)