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Jackanory at 50

Edward Pugh reveals what happened when 'Jackanory' was remembered by its stars and fans.

Legends should be celebrated...

The Children’s Media Foundation celebrated TV legend Jackanory on 13thDecember in Foyles Bookshop, the ideal venue. On that very same afternoon 50 years ago 'Jackanory' was first broadcast at 4.45pm. Followed by 'Blue Peter' and beforehand by a Schools programme on teaching Physics! How TV has changed. In 1965 there were 3 TV channels, 70 mph speed limits began, 'Thunderbirds are Go' was on for the first time and Mary Quant introduced her Miniskirt, whilst on the night before Jackanory started, the Beatles played their last ever UK concert in Cardiff!

We were delighted to be told wonderful, humorous and fond stories about the programme by our panel of actors Hannah Gordon, David Wood and Bernard Holley, Director and Children’s TV stalwart Jeremy Swan and brilliant illustrator Paul Birkbeck, who brought along excerpts of his work on the show.

Our Chair Presenter and Children’s author Matt Brown showed his passion for the programme and elicited great anecdotes from our guests

Unfortunately the longest serving storyteller, Bernard Cribbins (114 stories) could not make it, but in a video clip he gave a fond good wishes on why he loved working on the programme. As Bernard said another storyteller was Prince Charles, who read his own self-penned story, so we were delighted to receive a letter from Clarence House wishing the event well and CMF all success in the future. Another person who could not make it on the day was writer Frank Cottrell Boyce, who sent a eulogy to the programme as someone who was formed in part by its passion for stories.

Jackanory - a Fund of Stories

The audience of ex production and craft personnel was swelled by interested fans of the programme. As a former director I owe a lot to the programme and also Jackanory Playhouses, which launched my Children’s TV career. So I was delighted to be asked to produce the session and glad that we gave it the 50th birthday party it deserved. Happy Birthday 'Jackanory'!!

Former Director, Producer and Executive Producer

With thanks to Foyles for their support for Jackanory at 50

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