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CMF Says Get it Right

New CMF event on March 4th 2016

Join us to hear Tony Bradman outline the purposes and approaches of the “Get it Right" campaign and talk about his philosophy and career as an author.

Date/time: 4th March 5.15 - 7.15pm
Venue: Warner Bros. Preview Theatre and Bar
Register here - free event, including drinks reception

"Get It Right from a Genuine Site" @getitright is a pan-media campaign to promote the value of content to young people and encourage them to source and access their content from genuine, appropriate sites, services and Apps – rather than illegal ones.Instigated by trade associations and supported by the publishing, media and music industries, the campaign uses a fascinating range of methods to reach the teen and young adult audience and to shift their mindset.  From street art to TV spots, and drawing in celebrity support and artistic comment from a range of sources, it’s a fascinating insight on how to get messages to young people - and of course the message itself also matters.

There'll be a chance to ask questions and discuss the issues, and time to network with colleagues, with hospitality provided by our generous hosts at Warner Bros.Check here for more details and to book tickets for this free event held at Warner Bros preview theatre and bar.

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The Children’s Media Foundation (CMF)