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BBC’s Future “on Hold”?

The White Paper is the vital next step in the Charter Review process.  

But with the Culture Secretary throwing himself into campaigning for Euro-Brexit, concerns are emerging about the timetable for completion of the White Paper...

The Guardian is sceptical that the Charter renewal proposals will be published before 23 June, due to political considerations and the DCMS have the perfect excuse - the huge public response to the Green Paper. 192,000 respondents is the second largest ever reaction to  a government public consultation.  It's left officials at the DCMS trying to figure out how to read them all.

More recently the idea of a temporary extension to the Charter has been mentioned.

The White Paper kicks off the Parliamentary process and leads to legislation, which needs to be completed by the end of 2016 if there is to be a Charter, and therefore a BBC, on January 1st 2017.

The CMF sees its role as keeping the children's media industry and other bodies that care about media provision for kids well-informed on the twists and turns of Charter Review, and on any implications for our aspirations for an alternative commissioning fund.  We plan to produce a second Question Time session at the Children's Media Conference on July 6th to allow everyone their say and to quiz key players, at what could be a crucial moment in the process.

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