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Prof. Máire Messenger-Davies stands down and new Academic Board is launched.

CMF bids a sad farewell to Máire Messenger Davies, Professor of Media Studies at the University of Ulster, who has left the CMF Board to fulfil other Board and academic commitments.  Máire's depth of knowledge and understanding of the children's media industry and audience, and her extensive research into these areas over many years were an invaluable addition to our understanding of the current issues in children's media. She will be much missed.

Meanwhile the CMF has been making new progress in its aims to bring together  the various arms of the academic sector who study and report on children's media from different perspectives. The CMF Academic Advisory Board will hold its first meeting in May.  The purpose is to bring research closer to the decision-making process of the CMF, and to allow us access to a variety of research perspectives and activity to inform our campaigning and information sharing.

The Board will help us in our aim to bring research closer to policy-makers, the press and  parents. It will make us better able to feed our All Party Parliamentary Group with more up-to-date and measured information.  Board members will use the CMC as a central "clearing house" for research dissemination, comment and opinion, and this will also stimulate discussion on our eclectic Research Blog

The membership is like a "Who's Who" of the academic experts in the various research disciplines concernd with media and children in the UK:
Dr Cynthia Carter Cardiff University
Professor Sonia Livingstone London School of Economics
Professor Jackie Marsh University of Sheffield
Professor Lydia Plowman University of Edinburgh
Professor Jeanette Steemers University of Westminster
Dr Ashley Woodfall Bournemouth University
David Kleeman SVP Global Trends, Dubit, has also joined the Board as a link to the commercial research sector and to bring international perspective.

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