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CMF @ CMC – Making It Happen for UK Kids

By Jayne Kirkham, CMF Board and Exec. Member

"Making It Happen" is the theme of CMC 2016. Our CMF sponsored and produced session interprets it from a policy perspective. Jayne Kirkham - the session producer and CMF Board and Exec. Group member, explains...

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Kickstarting this year’s conference and bang on trend with its subject matter, the opening session asks, post referendum, post BBC White Paper, are we and can we make it happen for kids? What are the implications for our audience as we move into this new era?  Furthermore, it gives you the opportunity to ask your own questions about these and other issues.   Using the Question Time format and chaired by broadcaster and lecturer Professor Steven Barnett, an excellent panel of thinkers AND doers will discuss a wide range of issues such as, well that depends on the delegates really.  Are you attending this year’s conference?  What concerns you about current media policy?  Do you have questions about Ofcom’s new role?  About Channel 4’s remit to provide content for ‘older children’? About funding online content? About the BBC charter?  About online safety?  About diversity?    Whatever the question, expect the answers to be incisive and illuminating.

Lord AlliAfter a long (and continuing) career in British television,  Lord Waheed Alli, was appointed a Labour Peer in 1998.  Outside the House of Lords he’s CEO of ‘Octonauts’ and ‘Peter Rabbit’ owner, Silvergate Media. In the House  he co-founded the Great BBC Campaign and continues to hold the government’s feet to the fire over the BBC White Paper, demanding that the government sufficiently protect the BBC and its independence.

Alice WebbRecently appointed Director of BBC North as well as Director of BBC Children’s, Alice Webb, is passionate about keeping children at the heart of the BBC.  She recently announced exciting plans for the iPlay project, that allow BBC Children’s, the biggest investor in British-made content, to move and grow with its audience.

Andy Taylor has held several senior positions in media and pioneered online video, changing television forever when he spearheaded the online live streaming from the Big Brother house in 2000.  Also in his time there, Channel 4 launched 4OD, the world’s first video on demand service.  Now at Little Dot Studios, he is a next generation broadcaster and producer, with online content reaching millions of viewers every day.

As an ex Head of Interactive at BBC Factual and BBC Children’s and now co-founder of Gingersnap  and a CMF Executive Group member, Marc Goodchild cares deeply about the children’s audience and the way it connects with its wider family.  His latest venture helps families keep in closer touch using digital technologies, allowing the generations do what families have always done - share stories. For the CMF he campaigns on digital matters and is in touch with the rights and responsibilities agenda for kids online.

If you would like to ask a question in this opening session which sets the agenda for the whole of the Conference, please send it to me at:

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