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What Now for the CMF?

  • We are keeping a close eye on Government plans in the Communications Bill, on how the animation industry fares after the tax-concession, on the film funding issue, on the progress in discussions about the commercialisation and sexualisation of childhood, on internet security issues and on social media marketing to kids.  All hot topics...
  • In time, we'll be pursuing a revised version of the original SKTV proposal for a funded commissioning body to provide an alternative to the BBC, delivering UK-produced drama, factual and entertainment via video-on-demand.  We plan to push this as a driver for UK creative industries as growth returns to the economy.
  • We plan our first debate in November on an issue facing kids and the mediia - more details to follow.
  • The Research relationship is developing.  The CMF is partnering on several bids for academic research funding, and the working group is growing as we bring University and Commercial researchers closer together.  Colin Ward is keen to hear from you if you have contributions to make to the Research Group.
  • The Media Literacy Group met informally at the Children's Media Conference in July.  They will be keeping a close eye on BFI plans for centralising in one body all Film Education functions - including watching, appreciating and making films.
  • The Children's Media Yearbook 2012-13 will be published in December, and annually thereafter.  It will feature opinion, research,  analysis, trends, predictions, reports from regulators and interesting articles by children's content makers and watchers.  It will be a comprehensive guide to everything that matters in Children's Media, across the age-ranges, platforms, and genres.
  • News on social events will follow soon.
  • This Newsletter will now be monthly and will contain a range of short articles on current issues, CMF actions, and opinion pieces from leading reasearchers and parctitioners.  Get in touch if you have something to

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