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Our Founder Patrons

The Children's Media Foundation is thrilled to be able to announce the first four Founder Patrons to have pledged their long-term support for the new organisation and its aims.

Philip PullmanWorld-renowned author Philip Pullman is pasionate about the quality of content delivered to children.  A supporter of the Save Kids' TV Campaign for the last six years, he believes: "Children need the best of everything..."

Anne Wood

Anne Wood is the creator of TeletubbiesIn the Night Gardenand a host of other television favourites for younger children.  She has been a passionate supporter of well-funded quality content for children and a great believer in the value of research in programme development.

Anna Home O.B.E.Anna Home is the Chair of the Children's Media Foundation Board and the Children's Media Conference, where media-professionals share best practice.  She is a programme-maker who began her children's career with the launch of the iconic Play School programme, and went on to produce and commission some of the key series which have shaped children's television in the UK - including  Jackanory, The Chronicles of Narnia, Grange Hill and Teletubbies.  

Russell T Davies
The revival of Dr Who under his leadeship and its focus on the children's and family audience provide clues to Russell T Davies's early background as a writer of children's television.  Russell remains committed to this audience and the proof is the recent Sarah Jane Adventures on CBBC.  He believes the new Foundation is an opportunity for programme-makers to gain support to achieve their best when making content for kids.


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