The Children’s Media Foundation (CMF)

What is the CMF?

A new organisation built on the solid foundations of the Save Kids' TV campaign and the Children's Film and Television Foundation - both bodies dedicated to safeguarding the quality and range of media for kids in the UK, both committed to British production, and both focused on getting a better deal for the young audience.
The Children's Media Foundation purposes are outlined on our website.

We are focused on the children's and youth audience, with long-term plans to grow awareness of the issues and understanding of the trends in children's media.  We want to create better conections between the kids' media industry, the research community, press, politicians, policy makers, regulators and parents.  (And over time kids too.) We plan to stimulate and participate in public debate around children and their media choices and to improve the quality and scope of discussion by informing it with research and realism.

Media of all forms, on all platforms, is a powerful influence on the lives of young people.  We believe kids will grow up as engaged and enlightened citizens when the media they consume is well-funded, well produced, well regulated, has local relevance, is supported by focused research and is understood better by the people in power.

We will set the agenda for the future of media for children in the UK, keep a watchful eye on policy decisions, industry practices,and content and consumption trends, blow the whistle or campaign where needed and support other campaigns where they benefit the children's audience.

And we'd like you to join us.  To express your support for the CMF with a donation, as an individual, a company or an organisation, please visit our support page online.

Our aim is to create a media environment for children and those who regulate, research, create and distribute their content, which is well-informed, responsive and inspirational.

Your support will be vital in helping us build and maintain a continuing, sustainable organisation to forge a new landscape for children's media in the UK.

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The Children’s Media Foundation (CMF)