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CMC Spotlight: Policy Sessions

Taking place throughout the conference, these sessions will tackle dynamic and pressing policy issues. In addition, a range of sessions will discuss the types of content the CMF takes a strong interest in, such as promoting empathy and empowering marginalised children. Here's a sneak peak of the policy sessions to get you excited for what's to come:

Can We Fix It?

The internet was not designed for kids – but can we fix it with new technology, regulation, by grown-ups helping kids, or kids developing digital resilience? Have your say at CMC.

Speakers: John Carr, Baroness Beeban Kidron, Vicki Shotbolt, Deepak Tewari, Alice Webb

Reporting for the CMF by Sam Lawyer and Yara Farran

The Ethics of VR - Inside a Child's Virtual World
Is VR safe for kids? Explore the fundamentals of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality for children and its safety and suitability for young people of all ages.

Moderated by Stuart Dredge. Speakers: Dr. Alice Jones Bartoli, Mark Mon-Williams, Dr. Dylan Yamada-Rice

Best Friends Forever?
Can broadcasters and funders work together to finance children’s features films?

Moderated by Margret Albers. Speakers: Hedda Bruessing, Jackie Myburgh, Dr. Astrid Plenk, Signe Zeilich-Jensen

Deciphering the Data Puzzle
How can new digital devices – and data from them – help children’s media companies better understand their audiences? New approaches, new insights… and new concerns?

Moderated by Karin Bergvall. Speakers: Peter Robinson, Joshua Wöhle

Fake News and False Friendships
Fake news, fads, false friendships - these are all challenges for children in the digital landscape. What can be done to help kids tell truth from fiction?

Moderated by Phil Harding. Speakers: Anna Bassi, Lewis James, Dr. Cynthia Carter

The Last Word
At CMC 2016 Lemn Sissay and George the Poet opened our eyes to the marginalisation of many young people. Now, more than ever, we need to ask ourselves - are we listening?

Moderated by Sue Nott. Speakers: Kev Curran, Shelly Reed, Natasha Woodrow

To learn more about each specific session, please click here to visit the CMC "Sessions" webpage.

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