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Taking Stock at the Summit

From December 5th to 7th, Manchester will host a prestigious event that takes place once every three years: the Children's Global Media Summit. It will see content makers and distributors from across the world gather for three days of discussion and debate, sharing good practice, considering issues of regulation, policy and the major changes facing all media - at their most acute in the children's and youth market.

CMF will be present at the event and is producing a session, called "Taking Stock", at the mid-way point of the Summit on Wednesday 6th December. The session provides a snapshot of the world's media for children, explored continent-by-continent, with five experts from five different parts of the world giving their estimation of the extent to which media in their region  - public service, commercial, new platforms or old - is serving children with meaningful, purposeful, relevant, inclusive and empowering experiences.  As it's the Global Media Summit, we thought a global perspective on just what and who is offering content that supports the UN Rights of the Child would be a good way of "taking stock".

The Summit is the eighth in a line of events stretching back to the inauguration of the Summit movement in Melbourne in 1995.  Anna Home, now Chair of CMF, was the Chair of the next event in London 1998 - the famous "Teletubbies Summit" - and since then it has visited Thessaloniki, Rio, Johannesburg, Karlstad, and Kuala Lumpur.  The BBC is supporting the 8th World Summit in Manchester, and you can register here for tickets to this high-level event.


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The Children’s Media Foundation (CMF)