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Greg Childs, Director of CMF reports on the "Hope Works" session at the Children's Global Media Summit 2017, in Manchester.

"Hope Works" is a shared content global project invented informally at the CMC in 2016.

Alison Stewart (CBeebies Production ) and Lucy Murphy (Sky Kids) explained: "Hope Works is about making sense of the world in difficult times.   They talked about how research suggests that almost two thirds of children "worry all the time”.

Their plan? To... “Activate a generation's hope “ or as one speaker said: “Using the power of entertainment to reawaken a generation’s hope”.

The aim of the 12 part animation series is to show young kids that they can make a difference, that everyone can.

When the project is completed there will be 12 short 2-4 minute films from 12 different countries and 12 different participating companies.  They are aimed across age ranges.

The deal is there is no "windowing". Everyone presses the go button in on the same day. That will help with the global impact of the project as well as get over rights issues with the many different broadcasters involved.

They showed the first three films in the series:

The first, an animation commissioned by Disney and made by Ragdoll productions. The second animation by Dreamworks.  And the third a live action film from Hop! in Israel. All different - and all life-affirming.

They then announced that Sesame Workshop will be making the next film in the series.

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