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VR and Kids: CMF ‘On the Road’ in 2018

After the success of the VR strand at the Children’s Media Conference in July 2017, the Foundation welcomed Alison Norrington to the Exec Group of CMF to explore the research and understanding of the implications of  VR on children. As VR becomes ever more a consumer proposition, it’s becoming apparent that not enough is known about its safe use and alongside that there are still many conversations to be had about creating good content for kids.
Alison’s CMF goals for 2018 include researching appropriateness and best-practices for the design of VR experiences for children, compiling and assessing what's known about cognitive and sensory health and safety, and eye and balance health - along with furthering her strong interest in what makes for meaningful VR experiences. CMF is organising a “VR Roadshow”, visiting 4 UK cities - London, Leeds, Manchester and Bristol, beginning in February and continuing to October 2018.

These events will welcome experts, academics, producers, storytellers, and tech experts for frank discussions about the issues around VR and the younger audience and these conversations will inform a CMF review of VR and children by the end of the year.

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The Children’s Media Foundation (CMF)