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"Conjuring Magical Experiences for Kids in VR"  is the 3rd in a series of VR and Kids' roadshows organised by the Childrens’ Media Foundation.

It will be on Tuesday 25th September in Manchester. Hosted by Immotion (Studio Liddell), the event will look at Experience Design for kids in Virtual Reality. Peter Caddock, Head of Immersive Technologies at Immotion will talk about Ontological Design & Spatial Awareness.  Other speakers with interest in VR will also make presentations.

There will be a fourth event in Bristol in November, which will look at Emotional Design for Kids in VR and our responsibilities as storytellers around children, their experiences and their emotional outcomes. More details will follow closer to the time.

The final event on 7th December is a culmination of the 'best practices' that we derived from each of the four events. They will be brought together in a design brief and handed to Digital Narratives Students at Royal College of Art for a fun and fast prototyping session - in a bid to create the 'perfect' VR story/experience for children.

As always, these events are small and intimate and invitation-only, so interested parties should email CMF's Alison Norrington to register their interest.

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