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CMF Research Group plans first meeting

CMF Executive member Colin Ward has been building relationships in the research community - amongst academics and commercial research companies.

Colin Ward discussing CMF Research agenda with Ian Douthwaite, CEO, Dubit Ltd
Our plan is to stimulate and support both types of organisation to provide research on kids' media, at their different paces, in a complementary way.  We intend to use research to counter some of the more extreme arguments which find their way into the press, and to help parents with a better understanding of how their kids are consuming media, and its likely effects.We will also feed research through to Ministers and other politicians - including the All Party Group on Children's Media and the Arts, which we co-ordinate in Parliament.
Colin has called a meeting of the Research Group to discuss the research agenda for the Children's Media Foundation and build partnerships for future research projects.  The meeting will take place just prior to the Ofcom seminar on their Children and Parents Media Use and Attitudes Report on the 21st November.If you believe your organisation could contribute to the group (either as an academic insuitution or a commercial research agency looking to join our pro-bono scheme) please contact Colin at: research@thechildrensmediafoundation.orgThe meeting will take place from 1230 - 1430 on 21st November, at the Communication and Media Research Institute, 309 Regent Street, London W1B 2UW.

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