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The CMF Needs You

The CMF has made great strides in signing up Founder Patrons to get the organisation started.  Now we need the backing of a wide range of patrons to ensure continuity and growth, as the new Director of the Children's Media Foundation explains...

Greg Childs, Director CMF

"The CMF has been set up as an independent body free from influence by interest groups.  Our constituency is UK kids, and our aim is clear: to improve their media lives.
We want to enhance the range and quality of children's media content, improve their security and well-being, develop their understanding of their media choices, and ensure their interests are met by the research community, regulators, policy makers, politicians and pundits when they talk about kids or decide how things are going to be. To make all this happen requires a comprehensive, flexible and professional organisation, which is why we need funding support.

We are reaching out to the public and to industry practitioners who appreciate our need for independence.  Just one small donation annually will help us achieve our aims.  If you're an individual, a company or an organisation, we have a range of options to encourage everyone to get involved.  Please give us your backing.
With your support we can make a diference to the lives of every kid in the UK - connecting them to their own culture, empowering them as engaged citizens and convincing policy-makers through informed debate that our kids' media diet matters and needs to be protected."

Greg Childs
Director, The Children's Media Foundation

Supporter, patron and supporting organisation rates can be seen on the CMF website.

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The Children’s Media Foundation (CMF)