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Diana Hinshelwood,  Editor CMF Newsletter and CMF Executive Group Member

The year since the last Children's Media Conference has been an eventful one. Topics discussed, such as policing the internet, are now becoming government White Papers, and funding initiatives like the Young Audiences Content Fund have launched.

These are just two of the topics which will re-emerge for discussion in this year's CMC.

The Conference opens with Nadiya Hussain, author, presenter and winner of Great British Bake Off and now also well known for revealing so much about her experiences of anxiety -  an issue affecting more and more children.

This is alongside some fabulous sessions focused on particular talents - some regular, like the Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is pitching contest, and some new, like 'Writer's Assemble'. And of course there's lots of socialising to do at the CMC Party and the Pizza Express Dinner. Whether you're a writer, producer, director, author, animator, content producer, broadcaster, policy maker or educator across any platform - digital, books, theatre or otherwise - you really should be in Sheffield in July.

CMF supporters and patrons, and any staff in a CMF Corporate Supporter company can get a discount on their CMC ticket which brings the price down by 25%.  You can join CMF as a supporter for £25 and save around £120 on your CMC ticket!

Mail us to get your discounted registration link.

The Children's Media Foundation is always very involved in CMC Sheffield and this year is no different.

The Question Time session "Limiting the Limitless?" deals with all the policy and regulatory issues in one focused hour. It's sponsored by CMF and produced by CMF Board member, Jayne Kirkham, who's also a busy children's content writer, and Clerk to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Children's Media and the Arts - which CMF runs. This year the Question Time is  executive produced by Anna Home OBE, Chair, of the Children's Media Foundation and Chair of the Children's Media Conference Board. Anne Brogan will represent CMF on the Question Time panel.

Our sponsorship means that 1200 Yearbooks will be placed in the delegate bags. Many Yearbook articles will once again reflect the content and issues discussed at CMC.

CMF will have an advert in the CMC Delegate Guide as part of the sponsorship deal.

Colin Ward Deputy Director of CMF, with the CMF Academic Advisory Board, have  been  feeding questions into the D.fferentology research into kids’ choices in screen entertainment – and what they mean for providers. which will be one of the 8 sessions in the research strand of the Conference.

Resetting the Moral Compass produced by Cecilia Thwaites with John Kent as Executive Produce - both CMC Exec Group members - considers the White Paper on “Online Harms”. It's broadly about getting the social media platforms to take responsibility. John is busy writing the CMF response to the White Paper consultation which closes just before the conference so the session will be well-informed and get to the heart of why protecting kids online is good for the children's media industry.

CMF Board member Professor jeanette Steemers is Executive Producer of a session called The CMC Debate - on the question: Limitless Content - Good or Bad?

Helen McAleer also a Board member is running the international guest outreach for the CMC's International Exchange market.

Anthony Utley will be on social media duties at CMC and Diana Hinshelwood will be on roving reporter duties for CMF.  Both are members of the CMF Executive Group.

There are rumours that Greg Childs will be there too.

Whatever  your reasons for attending Sheffield, the most important information and valuable insights about Children's Media will be available there to enable the industry to best serve the young audience. While digital technology makes production easier, the editorial and compliance issues are more complex than ever.  And funding is a perennial headache.  Take a look at the all sessions on offer in this year's Children's Media Conference, Sheffield 2019.

And we'll see you in Sheffield!





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