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ITV and Channel 5 – Licence Renewal

At the request of the Secretary of State at the DCMS, The old commerical public service broadcasters, ITV and Channel 5, have been in discussion with Ofcom over the extension of their broadcast licences.  This process has resulted in some commitments to "public service provision" in return for their licence renewals.  ITV has offered nothing new in its children's position, but Channel 5 is commiting to 600 hours a year provision for kids. 

At a meeting with Channel 5 before Christmas, the Children's Media Foundation established that the hours are not additional - they represent the current provision on Milkshake - 600 hours of originated content.  In this context "origination" means a programme commissioned by and first shown on Channel 5, which also has to be European in origin.

We were however assured that children's content remains an important part of the Channel 5 brand, and at least the Channel 5 agreement with Ofcom is now a firm commitment  to maintain the level of originations for the next 12 years.  As the Channel 5 Head of Public and Regulatory Affairs told us: "It was a commitment we were always prepared to make... We're very happy for it to be seen as part of our public service contribution until 2024."

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