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Changing The Debate: The Role Of The CMF Research Group

The CMF’s Research Working Group held its first meeting in November, hosted by Professor Jeanette Steemers at the University of Westminster. 

The group includes researchers from both the academic and commercial sectors and will use their combined expertise to explore ways of raising the quality of the public debate around children’s media.

Initially, the group is tasked with helping the CMF to establish, a ‘one-stop shop’ that will provide parents, the press, and policymakers with access to high-quality research. The research page on the website will also offer links through to partner organisations specialising in specific areas of children’s media research.

The long-term goal is to change the terms of the debate. Instead of the relentless focus on the perceived negative impact of screen time, a debate too often fuelled by dubious research claims, we will be encouraging people to look at the opportunities provided by high-quality, age-appropriate children’s media.

How we effect that change in the public discourse was one of the main areas of discussion at the meeting and is something we will continue to debate. For now, we have asked members to recommend three key pieces of research to put up on the CMF website. If you are interested in contributing, or becoming involved in the work of the group, please email Colin Ward at

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