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Brexit and Children’s Media

Greg Childs is Director of the Children's Media Foundation and Editorial Director of  the Children's Media Conference (CMC). With his Conference hat on he describes CMC's latest event, produced in partnership with Animation UK and with funding from the government Brexit Business Readiness Fund...

CMC can be relied upon to offer the most up-to-the-minute view of what's going on in the kids' media industry, how it affects people's businesses and how that trickles down to audience impacts.

But even we at CMC were stretched to get a realistic handle on the ins-and-outs of every nuanced implication of Brexit - in the various forms still in the table (deal, no deal, or something between the two). However we took a deep breath, bit the bullet, did the research and discovered there is much that can be known - though it has to be understood in the different contexts of deal or no deal departure. And what is not know is mainly manageable.

Speakers at the event were able to say with some authority what would change, what would not, and what was simply not yet clear.

The event took place at the Wellcome Collection on 24 October - before the outcome of various Parliamentary votes and subsequent decisions to hold the election were known. But the information still stands for any eventual departure from the EU.

The event was live-streamed, and captured on video. Full video of each of the four sessions can be seen on the CMC website and PowerPoints from the expert contributors are available:

  • The Future of Funding – access to funding opportunities and European market events beyond the Media Fund.
  • The Future of Finance – co-production, trade treaties and sources of co-finance, tax incentives and support.
  • Export and Import Issues – how sales and licensing activity will be impacted, the tax implications of revenue from outside the UK, data issues, trade marks and the impact of “county of origin” rules.
  • Workforce, Skills and Employment – immigration arrangements, employment contracts and access to training.

Journalist Stuart Dredge has written an excellent digest of each session too so you can get a full account in text form. Just click through to the "Session Reports" promoted on each of the pages above.

Happy reading!

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