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Young Audiences Content Fund Closure – CMF Reaction

The Children’s Media Foundation released the following statement as a response to the announcement on 21 January 2022, of the closure the Young Audiences Content Fund. The Children’s Media Foundation reacted today to the decision by the government not to continue the Young Audiences Content Fund beyond its three-year pilot stage.  No further funding will be available after February […]

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Giving with One Hand, Taking Back with the Other

The Department for Digital, Media, Culture and Sport has announced that it is removing 25% of the budget for the Young Audiences Content Fund, before the three year pilot scheme is completed. This represents, according to Broadcast Magazine, around 20 productions which will not now be funded.  Having fought long and hard for the Fund, […]

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Bad News for Newsround

Ofcom announced on Tuesday 28 July that it was permitting the BBC to reduce its commitment to Newsround, allowing them to drop two of the three daily bulletins on the CBBC channel, leaving just one “breakfast time” news which it was relegating to 7.45 am. Basically Ofcom has caved-in to all the BBC’s demands, including […]

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Ofcom Children’s Review – Results Revealed

Ofcom have released the findings of their Children’s Content Review, which analyses the state of the industry, commissioning and funding statistics, and the provision of content for the various age-ranges of children in the UK public service landscape. It reveals significant shortcomings in the support for kids’ and youth content at the commercial public service […]

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A Christmas bonus for kids’ TV

This article was first published in Broadcast magazine on 10 January 2018 “Focusing contestable fund on the genre is a step in the right direction”, says Greg Childs That the government is focusing its contestable fund proposal on children’s content, rather than spreading it across several underserved genres, is more than a Christmas bonus for […]

Next Steps – CMF Response to Green Paper and Proposals for Change

This is a press release issued by CMF on Monday, 14th September. The Children’s Media Foundation (CMF) welcomes the recent campaign letter to culture secretary John Whittingdale co-ordinated by members of the children’s production community and its contribution to the debate on the future of children’s content at the BBC, and in public service broadcasting […]

CMF Response to Launch of Government Green Paper on the future of the BBC

The Children’s Media Foundation (CMF) welcomes the Secretary of State for Culture Media and Sport’s Green Paper on BBC Charter Review as the launch of a consultation process on the future purposes and governance of the BBC. The CMF will participate fully in the process, especially in relation to the future of Public Service Broadcasting in general. With regard to the […]

YouTube’s Free Children’s App – A Statement from CMF

The Children’s Media Foundation welcomes YouTube’s launch of its standalone free children’s app – it is a great step forward particularly for younger viewers. But more still needs to be done and we urge YouTube and other platforms to focus more research and development into making their web provision more child appropriate, particularly for the […]

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