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Play And The Art of Playful Communication

Ash Perrin CEO The Flying Seagull Project     Dedicated to Sir Ken Robinson for his shining light of inspiration and willingness to challenge the norm. Let’s start from absolute Square 1.  What is play? Play is the indigenous language of the child, and it is the simplest language there is. It demands total revelation, […]

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The Bunny From Brooklyn

    Over the past eighty 80 years, Bugs Bunny — known as a “wascally wabbit” by his fellow Looney Tunes character, Elmer Fudd — has entertained audiences of all ages with his zany antics and endearing, timeless appeal. Bugs Bunny’s long ears, knowing eyes, snappy smile and trademark buck teeth are iconic, but it’s […]


Big Steps for Little Radio

    By Chris Jarvis Little Radio DJ CBeebies Presenter   The term ‘Anorak’ was coined by Radio Caroline’s Andy Archer back in the ’60s to describe over enthusiastic fans who sailed out to see the pirate ship.  Imagine!   There’s no way I’d brave the North Sea in the vain hope of catching a glimpse […]


A Purposeful Future

By Bruna Capozzoli Digital Strategist     Millennials, those aged roughly between 26 and 40, and Generation Z (11- to 25-year-olds) now make up over half the world’s population. Gradually taking over senior positions in the media industry, they also represent the majority of a highly-skilled tech workforce. They are the ones behind the most […]

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Children are Awesome

Children are Awesome An article for the Children’s Media Yearbook 2020 By Hazel Kenyon Book Research Director, UK and Ireland, Neilsen Children’s nonfiction book-buying is diversifying, both in authorship and in subject matter. The latest data from Nielsen Book Research shows a continued increase in both the numbers of titles available and the volume sales of […]

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Live Theatre for Kids – How Digital Could Make a Difference.

By Nathan Guy Actor, Drama Coach and Drama Lead and Creative Support Teacher at Griffin Schools Trust In this world turned upside down by the Corona virus much has been altered. There is a very relevant fear that our children are having a part of their childhood stolen by the Coronavirus pandemic. In the midst of […]

Virtual Children’s Media Yearbook

The Children’s Media Yearbook … ish. Mark Wilson Yearbook Editor, The Children’s Media Foundation     The Children’ Media Yearbook content 2020 is sponsored by:         It’s probably a bit bonkers, and a tad selfish, to moan about abandoned media projects during this surreal and tragic pandemic … but, what the heck, I’m gonna have […]

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